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04/05/16 05:49Villanova University & Law School are closed and all classes are canceled today 4/5/16.
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04/02/16 23:18National Weather Service reports a Thunderstorm warning until midnight in the Villanova University area. Go indoors to seek shelter.
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04/02/16 23:10Due to severe weather approaching, seek shelter indoors.
Go indoors.
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04/02/16 22:43Lancaster Ave. is now open to all traffic again.
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04/02/16 21:23Lancaster Ave. closed at VU for celebration activities. Use alternate routes. We will announce when it is open again.
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04/02/16 21:10Lancaster Ave. closed at VU for celebration activities. Use alternate routes. We will announce when it is open again.
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03/18/16 18:26Campus is experiencing network issues affecting a range of services. Unit is troubleshooting.
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03/10/16 14:02NOVA ALERT - All clear. The drill has concluded. Thank you for your cooperation.
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03/10/16 13:32NOVA ALERT -DRILL - A lockdown has been ordered - This is ONLY A DRILL. In a real situation, a lockdown may be ordered if there is an imminent threat of violence on the campus. For purposes of the drill, you should remain inside, but can otherwise continue normal activities.

If a lockdown is ordered, STAY INSIDE! do not leave the building unless an imminently dangerous situation arises inside. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building.

-Take shelter in a lockable room if possible.
-Close windows, shades and blinds, and avoid being seen from outside the room if possible.
-Monitor Nova Alert and email for updates and further instructions. A description of the actor will be disseminated as soon as possible using these methods.
-Report any emergency or unusual condition to Public Safety by calling 610-519-4444.
-Use discretion in admitting anyone into a secure building. Require that all backpacks and other bags be left outside at least 30 feet from the building. Require that the person seeking shelter open all outer garments for visual inspection before allowing entry.
-Once in a secure location, do not leave until receiving the "all clear" from a police officer, Public Safety officer, Nova Alert, email, or website communication.
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02/16/16 05:24Villanova Univ & Law classes will begin with the normally scheduled 10:00am classes.Staff report at 10:00am
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