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02/04/16 09:45All Systems are back online and stable. Email with outage details to follow.
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02/04/16 09:18UNIT Systems experiencing intermittent outages with Villanova Email, Webmail, Vdesktop and other Active Directory related systems. UNIT is working to restore services as soon as possible.
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01/25/16 05:33Villanova Univ. & Law School are closed, all day & evening classes are canceled today 1/25. See website for more
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01/22/16 15:07WEATHER CLOSURE - All Villanova University classes are canceled for Friday evening and Saturday.
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11/06/15 15:15This is a test of the Nova Alert system. You do not need to respond to this message.

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1. Go to and login
2. Go to Novasis and click Personal Information
3. Click on Nova Alert & Cell Phone Information
4. Enter your information
5. Your Villanova email and the cell phone information will be entered into the Nova Alert system
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09/27/15 20:17Nova Alert: Villanova will operate on a normal schedule on Monday, September 28. No delays.
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09/15/15 10:03This is a test of the Nova Alert System.
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09/15/15 10:02This is a test of the Nova Alert System.
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03/11/15 20:22Nova Alert: Power has been restored to all campus buildings.
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03/11/15 19:52NOVA Alert:campus power restored,except for Donahue. At 8pm South Campus will have outage for reset of system.
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